Dumb ways to die…

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If you’re holding something and it falls, usually, the natural reflex is to try and grab it. 21-year-old Aracelis Ayuso did just that with her iOS device, which, unfortunately, led to her death, reports The New York Post.

While waiting for a Brooklyn-bound train at 3:30pm on Saturday, Ayuso lost her grip on her iOS device. According to witnesses, this was due to her looking extremely tired, which her boyfriend, Yeovany Rivero, attributed to Ayuso working all day. “She wakes up at the crack of dawn to support our daughter,” said Rivero in a follow-up report. “She was exhausted and coming home from work.” Fumbling with the device led Ayuso to lose her footing and fall onto the tracks as a train was entering the station. The conductor attempted to stop the train as it was pulling into the station but it was too late. Originally, police believed alcohol might have been involved, and while a toxicology report is pending, police said on Sunday that there were no obvious signs she Ayuso had been drinking.

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